OutPost version 1.5

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Added gzip and deflate compression internally! Now it really rocks :)

1.5.002 - 20061001 0312 twj

  • Removed selected="selected" when comparing html, it caused dropdown boxes to be refreshed without more often than needed
  • Removed call to oForm_doReset after each post back because of the change to the dropdowns
  • Added update of SignUp demo - it now has 3 "linked" controls (two drop-downs and a text field)

1.5.001 - 20061001 0014 twj

  • Added gzip and deflate compression internally
  • Changed namespace OutPost.Core to OutPost
  • Removed constant ContentTypeForNoCompression

1.4.004 - 20060928 1107 twj

  • Added error message when trying to view OutPost.aspx directly
  • Added MinimumSizeForCompression and ContentTypeForNoCompression constants


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