OutPost version 1.3

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Version 1.3 now available.

A lot of improvements has gone into this release:

  • New demo with a Sign-Up web form (by request).
  • Removed Session dependency.
  • Restores position and selection in IE on postback.
  • Found problems with unicode characters. As it is your page must include the tag ResponseEncoding="utf-8" in order to work properly with Unicode characters.
  • Added a cloak (event trap) over the form in IE on postback in order to mimick default web form behaviour.
  • Added support for WebForm_AutoFocus.
  • Added support for queueing requests.
  • Added support for reloading script blocks.
  • Added setting LocalHost to specify alternative localhost domain.
  • Added support for HTTP-compression (tested with FlatCompression R1.20.226 from www.flatcompression.org).
  • A lot of bugs fixed.



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