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Thursday, March 15, 2007

OutPost hijacks the form post back event and

  • tells the server to execute the post back locally on the server,
  • an optimized DHTML-response is sent back to the client,
  • the page is updated using cross-browser DHTML and
  • page reloads and flickers are thereby eliminated.

Bandwidth usage is minimized by

  • diff-comparing two consecutive responses,
  • keeping state on server,
  • keeping js framework light,
  • compressing the response,
  • sending optimized DHTML and
  • not using Xml or JSON.


  • No custom controls needed
  • No update panels required
  • No Javascript/DOM skills required
  • Write ASP.NET like you use to do
  • Design your page like you use to do
  • Internal HTTP-compression
  • Multiple flakes on same page
  • One line of code enables Ajax
  • Pages can be included in other pages
  • Add form using client-scripting
  • Cross-form posting


  • ASP.NET 1.1 & 2.0 controls
  • Session state
  • ViewState
  • Caching
  • Url redirects
  • Server events
  • Most browsers
  • Form authentication


  • Simulate onload event on postbacks
  • Simulate onunload event on postbacks
  • Simulate onbeforeunload event on postbacks
  • Keep/reset client-side events on postbacks
  • Show/hide ViewState
  • Show/hide EventValidation
  • Turn compression on/off


OutPost 2.0.002

New demo added and some bugfixes.

Changes since last release, which was 2.0.001:

  • 15/03-2007 - 2.0.002
    • Fixed bugs in iGoogle demo.
    • Fixed properly resetting Page_Validators array on post backs.
    • Added Wizard demo.

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OutPost 2.0 Released

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New version ready to download!

It is much better at dividing the page up and sending only what's changed. One of the reasons for this is that OutPost no longer restricts itself to looking at html tags that has an ID on them. Any element goes! Also a Delete command and a Copy command is introduced.

Hope you like it and have fun with it! Please, write a comment if you use it for something cool!

Changes since last release, which was 1.6.002:

  • 14/03-2007 - 2.0.001
    • Added support for specifying LocalHost dynamically by setting it to $CURRENTHOST$.
    • Added support for hiding LASTFOCUS field.
    • Fixed support for storing/restoring selected text.
    • Added support for client debugging modes.
    • Added support for simulating (triggering) onload, onunload and onbeforeunload events.
    • Added support for client side debugging for Ajax javascript.
    • Added support for adding rows to tables.
    • Added support for url redirect
    • Added support for deleting elements by sending a Delete command to the client.
    • Added WebParts and Cars demoes.
    • Added support for chunked response.
  • 23/01-2007 - 1.7.001
    • Added support for adding client side event 'onsuccess' to the form.
    • Added support for sending modified tags without id or name back to the client.
    • Added support for copying html from elements that are already present on the client to other elements in stead of sending it again.
    • Added support for sending table rows (tr) back to client.
    • Added support for sending only value of input tags back.
    • Added support for sending only modified script blocks back to the client.
    • Added cross-browser support for using following DHTML features: outerHTML, replaceNode, parentElement, canHaveChildren.
    • Added support for adding response headers by specifying appsetting "AddHeaders" (syntax "key1=value1&key2=value2").
    • Fixed problem with repeatedly submitting a form and not getting the form updated or reset (as pointed out by Jomar Coquia).
  • 23/11-2006 - 1.6.004
    • Fixed problem with inserting carriage returns into textarea.
  • 15/11-2006 - 1.6.003
    • Added if there is no difference between two or more post backs the browser is re-updated with the last post back that had a difference. That means if you modify the DOM between the post backs this resets some or all of these modifications (which i closer than before to what is normally expected).