OutPost 3.2.001

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The long awaited release!

Changes since last release, which was 2.2.002:

  • 6/4-2008 - 3.2.001
    • First PUBLIC release since version 2.0.003!
    • Added support for asynchronous page flakes that loads simultaneously.
    • Added better support for external page flakes.
    • Improved support for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers.
    • Removes linebreaks when comparing for differences to minimize traffic.
    • No more supports .net 1.1 (officially).
  • 1/2-2008 - 3.1.001
    • Added Suggest.aspx demo.
    • Added DocTree.aspx demo.
    • Redesigned test suite layout.
    • Added support for animations, like YellowFade, BackFade, SlideDown and more.
    • Added support for loading indicator.
    • Added support for load indicator.
    • Added method to Disable Ajax.
    • Added support for asynchronous load of Page control after window.onload.
    • Redesigned the iGoogle demo to make it more modular and extendable.
    • Improved the SignUp demo.
    • Added AjaxPage user control.
    • Added DataGrid Demo.
    • Added ProperReset Demo.
    • Added ToDoList Flake for iGoogle demo.
  • 27/11-2007 - 3.0.002
    • Modified web.config to make it work with ASP.NET Development Server.
    • Edited the howto.txt.
  • 21/04-2007 - 3.0.001
    • Added option to hijack links.
    • Added support to ajax-enable a page from web.config.
    • Redesigned and reimplemented the html compare function by using LCS algorithm.
    • Optimized splitting up the HTML into tags by using split in combination with regular expressions.
    • Optimized every use of regular expressions by caching the results.
    • Huge performance improvements!!
    • Added option EnableAjaxRedirect which allows the page to be redirected using ajax.
    • Added support for multiple-select drop down lists.
    • Improved support for tables.
    • Improved support for loading of scripts.
    • Added update commands InsertAfter and InsertFirst.
    • Improved cursor position store/restore functionality.
    • Added scroll position store/restore functionality.
    • Added support for external hosts by introducing keyword $ExternalHost$ for the LocalHost property.
    • Reimplemented the Page control as a UserControl.
    • Added ExternalTest.aspx demo.
    • Added FormElementsTest.aspx demo.
  • 15/03-2007 - 2.0.003
    • Added support for not sending back inputs with only the value changed.
    • Fixed bug with resetting radio buttons.
    • Reduced number of unnecessary field updates on the client.
    • Added support for ASP.NET 1.1.
    • Added support for following parameters: DisableCopyCommand, ShowViewState, ShowEventValidation, ShowLastFocus, SimulateOnload, SimulateOnunload, SimulateOnbeforeunload
    • Added ProperReset demo.

Find the full history here


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