OutPost 1.6

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

  • 11/10-2006 - 1.6.002
    • Added new Demo in .NET 1.1 project /Brian Ritchie
    • Fixed a bug where a drop down populates, but resets the position on post back
  • 10/10-2006 - 1.6.001
    • Placed version history in separate file
    • Utilized HttpHandler instead of Page with code behind. This requires a simple entry in the web.config /Brian Ritchie
    • Removed 3rd party code and include binary libraries instead (sharpziplib & blowery) /Brian Ritchie
    • Packaged things up into a class library /Brian Ritchie
    • Enhanced 1.1 support so it compiles under 1.1 again /Brian Ritchie

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Benefits of Hijax

Friday, October 06, 2006

Did a search on Hijax and found a link to the slides from Jeremy Keith's presentation at XTech 2006. Here's a nice quote from the presentation slides:

Benefits of Hijax

  • No need to spend time and resources building a non-Ajax version.
  • No duplication of logic (e.g. form validation).
  • Keeps your application logic on the server.
  • Keeps your JavaScript file size down.
  • Links are spiderable and potentially bookmarkable.

OutPost 1.5 Refresh

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

10/4-2006 - 1.5.003

  • Removed bits of Javascript that wasn't used for anything
  • Added more thorough removal of EventValidation and ViewState input including surrounding DIVs